Wednesday, July 8, 2009

back to the fabric rose issue....

so I went to the craft store and found a lighter weight fake duponi silk, although they don't have it in the purple I need....grrr. But I'm going to try the flowers with it and see if the looks is more what I want. I'm still stumped on how the women I'm getting the inspiration from is making her flowers. I can tell she is doing the "folded" approch but it looks so diffrent from mine. I might need to make my fabric tube much longer, tack less and do more of a roll then a fold. I love this idea though using the flower as a write corsage. So far I have been very lax with what my bridesmaids are to wear, my only request being that it be a black dress that isn't too hoochie. I want everyone to wear one of these flowers to unify us. I am going to wear mine in my hair but I was going to offer to put a pin back on it if they rather wear it as a pin. I love the idea of it as a cosage for the wrist. I think i'll add some tulle and see how it looks. Here is the "real" version.

My version later to come in the day.

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