Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the great fabric rose debate

Well for my wedding hair-do I would really like to have a silk fabric rose like the one in this shop
http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21205660 however she doesn't have the exact type of purple/gray that I want. She has gray and it looks like at one time she had purple...but no exact match...that and they are a little pricey for my taste.

So I went to the fabric store and got some fake duponi silk that was on sale and was amazingly close to the Victorian lilac color we choose for the wedding. (P.S. I will be making pocket squares out of this material for all the groomsmen)

Next I went hunting online for directions to make fabric roses/ rununclus. I found a lot of instructions for wire ribbon roses and three different types of "roses" that I decided to try. Sadly none of them look just like the ones in the link above...but hey if you aren't will to pay you have to compromise right?

So rose/flower 1 uses the old fold, sew a tube, turn it inside out and pull method that we used to use to make scrunchies during elementary school. I can't find the exact link I used right now but this link has same basic idea... http://maizehutton.blogspot.com/2007/08/frayed-flower.html and now in an attempt to post my first photo int he blog this is the photo of the finished flower. I considered doing it with both a plastic pearl bead and a cotton. You can see I went for the button. And to show that I have learned how to edit photos in Picnik a cropped version of the flower with the pearl.

Overall I think this is a cute flower but is not the look I am going for. It would be nice on some kids clothing though.

So onto the next tutorial, this one is on how to make a folded rose. I fudged a little and did not fold and iron my fabric into a true bias tape. Instead I just pressed it in half with a iron so I had a open tube like the first flower. This time I followed this set of directions... so this one took a lot more time and in the end I think I was tacking the petals down to much in the center of the rose. But the overall look is nice. I wish I had a single rhinestone to put in the middle. That will require a trip to the craft store...oh shucks ;) Gosh the second photo is out of focus...sorry!
This a very nice rose but still not the look I am going for. It is almost too rose, too tight and realistic...I want more of that ruffly look from the ranunculus. I can see this being a great detail on a sweater or shirt though.

Attempt three: When I found directions for this one last night the instructions didn't have any photos and it made NO sense to me so I went to sleep thinking I would try again in the morning...in the morning the directions still did not make sense so I searched till I found this tutorial that was the same directions just with photos this time... scroll down till you get to the tutorial part http://couturesmith.com/2008/11/30/flower-power-a-tutorial/ .
Now that I had photos this made MUCH more sense and was super quick to do with a little tacking to get it into the shape I wanted. Once again I really wish i had a rhinestone to place in the middle. Blog then shop. Now for photos of the finished flower.

This is the closest I have gotten to the look I want. It's still not a light looking at the orinall item I'm trying to imitate. I'm pretty sure she is using a lighter weight silk. However this is the best I can do with Jo-ann fabrics, three weeks to go and a strange color pallet. When I make them into some headwear I will post photos.

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