Friday, August 14, 2009

going for broke

I have about one or two more weeks of summer vacation...not exactly sure when we are supposed to be back yet, I don't even have my contract yet... a bit worrisome but not much I can do about it till Monday when our vice principal is back in the building. So I have decided to do a summer blow out and make as much stuff as I can and go for it and list it. Even if I have to spend $5 in listing fees! (way beyond my 10% allotment) There is really no point in making all this stuff and not listing it. I have dreams of selling out at Last Thursday but I think they are only dreams. Today I am going to list the first two toddlers shirt. The kids hedgehog

This shirt went to Carrie Mac Jones little girl Tatum. I hope to have photos of her wearing it by the end of next week. I love the little puff sleeves. I should probably go stock up on these before target sell out for the summer.

Next we have the first toddler version of the juicy orange slice done on a navy blue shirt. The blue shirt that was so hard to find, but man does the orange look good on that dark blue.

This shirt is on it's way to Maryland as I type. I hope her son loves it.

So these shirts officially start my Big/little line. A line of shirts that have matching designs for big brother/ little brother and big sister little sister. I am going to do the hedgehog, the orange, the bird, and the rocket ship to start. Oh and the cupcake. I also made a new tree design last night that I am going to call "The apple and the tree" with the bend of the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I think it is a cute back to school design but not a modern hipster as I was looking for. Today I'm going to make a more "hip" tree on a toddler tee. I'll post photos of both later today.
This is the image that will be the inspiration for the toddler tree tee.

Why go to all this work when not much is selling? I guess so I feel like I did something this summer aside from work on our wedding. who knows. I feel more peaceful and clam when I am creating and sewing. I guess that is a good enough reason in itself.

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