Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sweet tweet baby shoes

For Aliyah's 1st birthday I wanted to make her a birthday set. A cupcake tee-shirt, a stuffed cupcake to play with and cupcake shoes. I succeeded in making her the tee-shirt and stuffed cupcake but the shoes turned into a horrid ordeal. The pattern was good but my insistence on adding real leather soles because she is walking now just make the shoes impossible to sew. The leather is way to thick. Anyway it didn't even matter because the shoes were way to small for her feet. Turns out she is a size 18 months in shirt and shoes...should have figured. Anyway I'm stubborn and didn't want to think about all the errands I still had to run for the wedding and so I made a bunch of baby shoes instead. I think they turned out really cute when I made them just out of felt. I have listed these birdy ones on etsy to match my sweet tweet birdy onesie. I like how the appliques turned out. Especially the hearts on the heals. I'm not loving the Velcro strap. They take a long time to make and I think they are too long/big. I think I will switch to elastic straps. I also found a better non-slip fabric to put on the bottom of shoes for walkers. Let see if I can put photos of the shoes into this blog in the place I want.

the bird shoes

close up of the bird

matching onesie

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