Sunday, September 20, 2009

argg new schedule

wait, I also just realized that the new schedule has 6 to 8 random classes coming for an extra 40 min of art once a week. That is only one third of the classes that I see. That means that I can't be plowing forward with them on the grade level art project because then they will be on a completely different schedule than the other classes. Plus the other classes that never get bonus art will never have a chance to catch up with these classes. What the heck? Now I not only have to plan classes for k-8th and two levels of life skills but I also have to come up with EXTRA projects for these "bonus" classes. The originally agreement was the older kids (4th, 5th) would come in the morning during these longer periods of time and the younger kids in the afternoon for the shorter periods of time. I guess not. This is a freaking mess. Flat out this bonus group is getting the same project no matter what the grade level. Granted I'll have to find stuff that can work for 1st-5th but fine, I am not planing 8 extra projects a week.
Project one:
Stuffed fish:
as in design a large fish, either using a template or draw your own. Use different lines and patterns on the inside. Make the fish front and back, glue together except for a small opening and stuff with paper towels and glue shut. That will take a few weeks. This is all so random and so annoying! Once again its just another game of doge ball for the gym teacher or an extra practicing a song for the music teacher. Maybe I seriously will just have material weeks. Choose a material for the week and the kids get to explore with it that week. I predict a lot of off task behavior and I'M DONE ! now what?

Oh this is brain numbingly frustrating right now!

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