Wednesday, September 30, 2009

rich, tall and skinny-etsy

wow long time since an etsy post. My classroom has taken over all my time once again so I don't have much time to promote or list items. Therefore, my sales have dropped off. So insted of posting about my stuff I found three things I like off etsy and would buy if I were rich, tall and skinny.

If I were rich : I would own this and a hundred other vintage dresses and I would wear one each night to cook dinner;)

If I were tall and had a long skinny neck:

If I were like smaller on top then I would wear this when belly dancing. Its kind of like a gwahzee coat. I should make one that would fit over my uperhalf. Oh wait...I should go to belly dance class again. Oh never mind I can't because every freaking weekly meeting that is scheduled makes it impossible for me to go to dance class anywhere.

Love em, will never buy them.

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