Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mrs. Boobs

Last week was a rough week. First of all I had a cold so that always makes me short on patience and energy. I'm not the only one sick, the kids are dropping like flies. Barfing, pooping and sniffling their way across the school. Frankly I'm amazed I made it this long before I got sick. So the kids are sick and cranky and coming and going.

On top of that we also had three suspended students return back to school this week. We had Rambo (3rd grader that pulled a pocket knife on another kid), The Boxer (5th grader that punched his teacher in the nose) and the strangler (7th grader that tried to strangle a 6th grader) all return.

Whenever kids come back from suspension there is extra tension in the classroom. Unfortunately around here when you are suspended it usually means you get to sleep in, watch TV, play video games and be unsupervised with no consequences. I have been an advocate of in school suspension for the last two years but no one wants to supervise the kids.

However, the kid that is driving me the most insane is receiving no consequences. Last week he started punching another kid during my class and I informed him that it was unacceptable behavior, he needed to leave the room and go to the office. He informed me he could do whatever he wants, to go to hell and then he walked out of the school. The SMS tracked him down and told him it was not ok, but gave no consequences. When I asked why not I was told he was going though a rough time. I do not think that is a good excuse to let him punch another kid or leave the school. I would say most of our students are going through a rough time. But whatever.

Later this week I found him holding his kindergarten sister up to a wall and telling her he was going to beat the crap of of her. I intervened was told to go F*$K myself and he dragged her out of the school. I went to the SMS and was told to write it down and that the kids were going to grandma's custody so to give it some time. If I could call DHS on a kid I would, but I can't. So the kids went to Grandma and the two little girls seem happy and well taken care of this week and so I though maybe the boy would be in a better mood.

This week when he came to class he stayed in his seat, he didn't punch anyone, in fact we only had ten min of class left when one kid called me over saying Mrs. Boomer. I told him it was Bauer. The kid who I've had trouble with yelled MRS. BOOBer her name is MRS BOOBer. I told him that was not ok and I don't call him silly names and he needed to stop. Instead he marched around the classroom yelling Mrs. Boob, Mrs. Boobs! again and again. I will say the other kids ignored him (I guess he pulls this stuff in class regularly). I popped across the hall to get the SMS or counselor or Vice principal but couldn't find anyone so all I could do was ignore him for 10 min (he was in his own world) and finish up class and send them off to library.

Later on when I found the Vice Principal and told him what the kid had been doing he LAUGHED and thought it was funny. I told him I did not think it was funny. He told me to ignore the kid and write it down for his file. I went and told the kids teacher so she could pass it along to Grandma. The teacher (also a female) did NOT find it funny and I am hoping for an apology letter or some conscience on Monday. I have not found the administrations response to be help full or appropriate. If this keeps up I'm going to my union rep about having a student to is harassing me in my classroom.

We are not helping this kid by teaching him that this type of behavior is acceptable.

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