Monday, November 29, 2010

baby mama drama

Babies....cute...but should not be made by 14 year olds.......

My first year at my current school was the first year a 8th grade class, "graduated," in 20 some years. Last year was the 2nd 8th grade class. So that means the first group of 8th graders are now 15 year old sophomores.

You know what 15 year old girls like to watch on MTV?...16 and Pregnant. You know, the show where they follow around a teen girl who is having a baby showing what a mess it has made of her life, yet always ends with her holding her cute little baby and saying she doesn't regret having her baby (or sex for that matter)....she just wishing she had waited longer. Well around my school we don't need to watch the show because we have our own version with our ex-students.

Last year, as 14 year old Freshman, TWO of my ex students got pregnant. Both had babies during October. Both have dropped out. Last spring I was know to sporadically yell out, "NO BABIES!!!!!" during my middle school classes. As my 8th graders were leaving school for the last time in June I was screaming at them, "NO MORE BABIES!!!!." Stop any 8th grade girl in the hall and ask her what my, "thing," is and she will respond NO BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently my yelling is not doing much good though.

During conferences in comes a ex-student, now a sophomore, who comes to see me pretty often. "Mrs. B, guess what!? You are going to haatttteeee it," she says. "Oh lord, what?" I ask. "C___ is pregnant!" Sigh. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Oh yeah, I'm sure." "NO MORE FREAKING BABIES!!" I holler. A little asking around proves that yes, it is true, a third girl from that first 8th grade class is now pregnant. There were 44 kids in that group of 8th graders. 21 were girls. 3 are now pregnant or have already had a baby. So that means (quick math...) 14% of the girls from that class are already deep in baby mama drama. To think they have two and half more years before they graduate. I will not be surprised if several more get pregnant. And I wonder why the high school graduation rate at the school we feed into is about 47%.

Ick in five years those babies born this fall will be in Kindergarten and could be my students. My student's babies as my students. I am not sticking around for that.


  1. wow, what a mess. i have a former student who had twins at 16. TWINS?!yikers. i couldn't imagine...heck, i'm pregnant with #2 right now and I can't even imagine the mess my world is going to be in 6 months! ha! i love how your blog is about art projects, but also about how the outside world effects those lessons. you'd think after watching that show girls would CHOOSE to be much more careful. what a mess!

  2. There are so many issues contributing to these babies having babies. It starts with self esteem and mentorship. It takes a village to raise a child is right. . . especially when their mom is a child herself. I guess the village is the only hope we have to stop this cycle.