Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dada, drama, dada

(Morris Louis...pretty)

No, no new lessons or photos to post today...things are winding down in the art room. I only see the k-5's till the end of this week so we have been spending our last classes together finishing up projects that never got done and making some simple optical illusions that I won't even bother posting because tons of other blogs have already shown them.

(student 1: was that dude on crack or meth? student 2: they didn't have meth back then you idot. I bet it was acid...right? Me: ugggg )

I'm dragging my middle school students through a 6 day crash course in art history from the 1800's to modern day. They are highly entertained/baffled by the art we look at ( today was Dada, surrealism and action Jackson and did-did they have some strong opinions about them!) They are less amused by the daily notes/question sheet they have to complete and they are mediocre on the studio lesson that is going along with the history component. I'll post photos of those next week.

As for me, I decided to go ahead and interview for the job I wanted. Also after talking with my two friends who are lawyers they told me NOT to mention I was pregnant during the interview as this could make a messy legal situation for everyone.

So I applied to the job and was called in for an interview that I went to this afternoon. I could not tell you how it went if I had too. Each interview lasts only 25min and has 7 questions leaving me only about 3 min to ask a few questions I needed answers to. The strangest part, and this was true when I interviewed to switch schools last year, they could care less about seeing my student art samples. Your interviewing an art teacher for gods sake! This year I had the common sense to pull out a few samples that went along with the "example of a successfully lesson" they always ask you to describe. Still, I offered to send a powerpoint with sample photos and they were kind but not interested. I have no clue if that means they are not interested in seeing samples or if they are not interested in ME. I guess I'll know by Friday.

If my current principal and VP have ANY say in anything I will not be switching schools. They have been incredibly unprofessional towards me once they found out I wanted to interview at the other school. I have been bullied, guilt tripped and even had my husbands job threatened (in a weird round about way) as they have attempted to keep me from going to interview. I'll maybe go more in debth about that at a later date. Too bad for them, each time they harass me I get more determined to switch schools.


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry to hear about your drama. That makes for a really negative teaching experience. I'm sure you love teaching and you love your students. It's really too bad when administrators can ruin that. Can't they see that what they are doing has a negative impact on your students as well? Good luck to you. I hope you get your switch!

  2. Good luck. whatever happens, it was meant to be, right? Since you are pregnant, you want to keep your spirits positive no matter what!

  3. Good luck getting the job that you want! I applied for 2 jobs this year, for the first time in 24 years (in another town), but never even got a call to interview. Fortunately my administration was being very supportive, but I think they are hoping not to have to hire a new art teacher. Sorry to hear that your admin is not very supportive.

  4. If they keep harassing you, you should get your union reps involved. They have no right to force you or make you feel bad about checking out other option!!! Good luck!!

  5. Good luck! I, too, would really like to switch districts... it's nearly impossible to find openings, though! And even still.... think of how many applicants jump on that, getting an interview is half the battle!

    I hope everything works out and more importantly, congratulations for your soon to be newborn!