Monday, February 6, 2012

first day back

Bye Mom! Have a good day at work!

First day back from maternity leave with three new groups of kids who were great and a day (well half a day is all I work) that went mercifully fast.

We got right to things with the everyday class working on name girds and the every other day class doing some group circle paintings ( I was curious what middle school students would do with circle paintings) photos of both lessons to come by the end of this week.

Anyway I loved what one young lady said to me in the cafeteria today. She came up to me and declared, "Your back! Your not pregnant, you had a baby, you got a cute new haircut....your skinny," and then she walked away. Wow way to sum up the past 12 weeks little lady! I will say texting and facebook status has make my students more concise and pity in their observations/comments.


  1. Oh my goodness. It must have been hard to leave that adorable little thing. I wish you well with the transition!

  2. I just recently started back 3 weeks ago after having my first beautiful angel. It does get a little easier. I remind myself that my students missed me too. I hold a special spot in their hearts and make their day when I am there. On the other hand I still worry about how someone else is getting to see her grow and smile all day long. But I keep in mind that she is getting to make new friends. The one thing that helps me get through my day is knowing that when I pick her up she gives me a huge smile and I know that she loves me and is excite to see HER mommy again :)