Thursday, February 7, 2013

supplier presentation in the classroom?

So this morning I woke up to an email from the Oregon rep of a large art vendor asking if I would like to have one of their people come come do a lesson in my classroom where they bring all the supplies. I get to choose from four lessons that all feature an item that looks like it is pretty new to that brand's product line.  I told her sure why not (she used the magic word...FREE) and it is only for one day, but I would have to get permission from admin first.
Has anyone else ever done something like this or been approached to have a rep come into your classroom. I think it is very very unlikely that she knows that I have this blog as I have made it pretty darn hard to connect my school and this blog. I'm assuming they know that I teach at a rather large school in a large district and decided to put me on their list. Any thoughts on if I should have them come into my classroom?

and because I have no lesson pic to put a cute pic of my awesome little baby! ok...he is really a toddler now...but he will always be my baby!


  1. Hi!
    I have been following your blog for a while now. I teach art at a middle school in Colorado and have been teaching for 18 years. I have never had that happen to me. Now that's not to say it has and I did not know it. I pretty much delete any email that is not of any importance and we have a pretty good spam filter here. I am curious to find out how this goes for you and if it was worth it.

  2. I'd say no harm done if your administration OK's it and you have no obligation to purchase any materials. I'd make it clear they cannot do a 'sales pitch' to kids. I'm a big fan f freebies.

    And by the way, my ' baby' is a 24 year old college grad, has a career job, lives in another city, pays his own rent, etc, but he's unequivocally still my baby and always will be.