Thursday, February 23, 2012

How do you teach Rothko?!

Ok I know I have been AWOL. I'm finding my day of wake up, feed baby, get baby ready for day, drive to work while pumping, teach, do lunch duty, eat lunch while pumping for 17 min, do lunch duty, drive home while pumping, care for baby, do lesson plans, leave little time for blog posting.
However, I need the help of the art blogging world as I have been asked to teach about an artist that I can't really figure out how to make a lesson for.

Mark Rothko was born in Russia but his family moved to Oregon when he was 10. He went to high school in Portland at one of the schools in my district. Right now the Portland Art Museum is hosting a show of his work and I have been asked to do a unit on him. I want to take the kids to see the exhibit and it is easy to teach about is life and look at his art...but I'm struggling with the studio lesson aspect. I have never had luck in the past when it comes to Color Field lessons. I find my 6-8th graders don't really "get it" (honestly I'm not sure I really "get it" sometimes...but they look nice).

My last attempt at a color field lesson what also a color theory lesson about color families. We did some paintings with blocks of color but they ended up looking very early elementary school and quite uninspired. I am at a loss at how to make something more interesting that my kids will connect with. I can't really find anything online...even the MoMA lesson on his has no studio aspect, only a compare and contrast.

HELP! I need your ideas. How would you/do you approach something like color field painting in your room?

Monday, February 6, 2012

first day back

Bye Mom! Have a good day at work!

First day back from maternity leave with three new groups of kids who were great and a day (well half a day is all I work) that went mercifully fast.

We got right to things with the everyday class working on name girds and the every other day class doing some group circle paintings ( I was curious what middle school students would do with circle paintings) photos of both lessons to come by the end of this week.

Anyway I loved what one young lady said to me in the cafeteria today. She came up to me and declared, "Your back! Your not pregnant, you had a baby, you got a cute new haircut....your skinny," and then she walked away. Wow way to sum up the past 12 weeks little lady! I will say texting and facebook status has make my students more concise and pity in their observations/comments.