Sunday, October 13, 2013

complex color wheels and guitars

These were done by 7th and 8th grade everyday students. They worked very hard on them for several weeks.  They are quite large. The guitars are life size and the color wheels are 14" diameter. I saw the color wheel guitar idea here at the dieviantArt and tweaked it for our assignment needs.

Students had to either design a color wheel wedge slice with four sections and then trace twelve times or they had to draw their guitar body neck and head and divided into twelve sections then divided into four sections.

In each section students had to mix the parent color, a tint, a shade and show the complementary color of the parent color.

I allowed the kids to use: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black and Magenta tempera paint.

To top it off each student had to paint a gray scale for either the neck of the guitar or that corresponded with the content of their color wheel design.

more to come in the next few days


  1. Very cool, but I'm not understanding one thing. -did the students make both the round color wheel and the one fitted to the guitar? Or did they cut out the round color wheel to fit the guitar? Or did they just do a round color wheel OR a guitar? I love the idea of the value scale guitar neck! Terrific!

  2. These are great! I've never seen value studies and color wheels done in guitar form, what a great idea!

  3. Hi Phyl,
    students could choose to either make a complex color wheel OR the guitar. The kids who chose to make the guitar drew the guitar body and then divided it into 12 wedges and then each wedge into four sections. Glad you like them

  4. Very nice idea! I love the guitar variation. I wonder if you could open that up to other shapes as well? drumset? basketballs? etc?

  5. happy new year for all
    thanks for sharing I will try to do it with my students

  6. Do you have a rubric for this assignment?

  7. Why did you have them use magenta paint?

  8. the blue and red tempra our school gets makes a very odd purple...very close to almost a black so we have to add some magenta to get a better purple