Monday, October 7, 2013

First lessons 2013

Whew...after a crazy start we mostly got our scheduling issues worked out. The only strange part is now I have one random class of 15 students and the rest are 30-35 students.

Anyway part of my job is keeping 12 large bulletin boards full. Usually that is not a problem... however, we have back to school night a whopping two weeks after the very first full day of school and I am supposed to have all the bulletin boards full of student artwork by that night! We only managed to fill 8 this year.

We did three of my lessons that result in good results fast....if you have followed my blog for a while you have seen all four but this is what this years results looked like. Sorry some of the photos are a little funny, my TA got creative with her photo taking.

Pattern initials:
Theses turned out really nice this year....I showed the kids how I wanted the stamping done and got much better results than the last time I let them carve stamps three years ago. Argg blogger keeps rotating the photos!

Radial names: We do them each year...I always like them. I let the kids use the Prang metallic markers that the sales rep brought me last spring. They loved them...I felt ehe about them and still like the ones that used standard markers best.  Tutorial is here.

Hidden names:  also turned out well and always a good exercise in brush control. We were out of crayola black and had to use some off brand that we had and man let me tell you the crayola or Prang black is worth the extra money. Whatever we had was more blue than black and did not have good coverage. I had to go to the store and buy better black by the second day of the lesson.

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