Saturday, August 24, 2013

A SUPER start to the new school year (or so I hope)

Ah middle school, I love teaching them, I love doing art with them, I HATE doing rules and procedures with them. By the time my students are in 7th or 8th grade some of them have heard my rules and procedures presentation 6-8 times! So this year I have tried to think of a new way to do the rules and procedures and help the kids new to my program get acquainted with the room.


We are starting off with my first attempt at a Prezi and then each table group is going to do a "scavenger hunt" around the room for supplies and posted info. The scavenger hunt has five phases at after completing each phase the groups check in with me to get supplies towards their super hero challenge.   Here is an excerpt from the scavenger hunt

Answer the five questions below using your prior art knowledge or the information you find posted around the room. When you have answered the first five questions bring your paper to me to have your answered checked and receive your first set of materials.

1. What are the three secondary colors?

2.  What are three of the elements of art?

3. What are three art movements?

4. What information needs to be on each project or paper you turn in?

5. How do you correctly spell your art teacher’s name?

** STOP, send one group representative to me with a  paper and get your first set up supplies!

First group to get supplies gets a bonus item"

So the goal is in class one for student's to get through the Prezi and complete the scavenger hunt and acquire the supplies they need for their super hero challenge.

At the start of the second class each group will put their collected items on their table and then draw a "super power" from a basket. They then have the majority of the class period to, as a group, create a superhero persona and costume and dress one of their group-mates in said costume. These are the costume requirements:

* A cape
* A  logo displayed on the chest of the superhero
* One (or more) super accessories such as mask, hat, belt, wrist cuffs...or????

At the end of that time period you will need to dress your group’s superhero and be ready, AS A GROUP, to come up to the front of the room and present your superhero to the class and have a group photo taken.  

hopefully this will be a fun way to build some class community while also establishing classroom rules and expectations. I'll let you know how it turns out!