Sunday, May 9, 2010

while you were away...

I've gotten lazy about putting up my lessons. A fact that will bite me in the but next year when I try to remember what we did at this point this year.

Lets see this last two weeks we have:
kinder: painted paper plate rainbows and/or did large watercolor flowers for mothers day or step on clay necklace
1st:picture pie birds and flowers (good) tried to paint flowers like Picasso, no good, make a blackline of centers of the flowers correctly spaced next time. Also step on clay necklace, gods eyes and shrinky dink necklaces
2nd: clay pinch pot flower pots and a marigold for mothers day and started dino watercolor and outline project from that artist women. pinch pots went very well. Did wall pockets with one class, too much clay and too hard, had to do half the work for them. Save for 4th grade next year. Drew bugs from how to draw book. bugs were inside a magnifying glass blackline I gave the kids. Outline with sharpie, color with crayon, watercolor background green and glue onto large leaf. (popular lesson)
3rd: Sonya Delaney warm or cool color circles. color choice by throwing a die. turned out very well, kids really liked. One class killed time by making painted paper elephants. All classes learned how to draw several types of insects, made a fantasy insect, outlined in sharpie, watercolor painted, cut out and put onto large paper where several students done early painted huge leaves and flowers. (popular lesson)
4th: made flag books and wrote earth day haiku's. drew and painted parrots (good results), looked at artwork of Georgia O'Keeffe and drew flowers (so so results, do on black paper next time)
5th: drew birds of Oregon (worked hard on these and need to put them up for last concert), made a flag book and haiku. Did solar system splatter paint and chalk pastel project (students really liked these, took two class periods) 2x a week class did a mono print and yarn print project. So so results. Needed to put paint on yarn thicker and do a practice print. Kids were not really into it.

Life skills: variation of kinder and 1st projects. also mothers day flower vase and spin art in salad spinner.

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