Thursday, December 9, 2010

2nd grade owls

And for the last of the owls, 2nd grade texture owls.
A major theme in 2nd grade is texture and understanding the difference between real and visual texture. Students drew 3 large leaves on green paper and then used warm color crayons and my homemade rubbing plates to add visual texture. Then we used our little fingers and small motor skills to tear brown paper and collage it onto our owls to create real texture. Finally I caved in and got out the large google eyes.

I have focusing on building a sense of community and teach about public art by having the kids do more collaborative art this year. So we took our leaves and owls and combined them to make a fantastic owl tree. We also talked about camouflage and why owls would blend in with their environment. We pulled in the science words predator and prey while we were at it.
(click to enlarge)
I also went the extra step to put out the labels explaining what we were working on during the project.

I'm glad I took a photo though because within 48 hours my typed up explanation has been ripped down and trampled by wet, muddy feet.
even our less, ahem...gifted...kiddos made cute owls!

Way to go 2nd grade!


  1. These are sweet... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute owls. You deserve to work in a school where you are appreciated!

    By the way - I responded on my blog but in case you don't check back - I got the colored burlap for my weavings from either Nasco or School Specialty's arts and crafts division (which used to be Sax). I don't recall offhand. The burlap is sold in packs of pre-cut pieces, random assorted colors. From year to year the colors vary. I cut the pieces in 1/2 for the 3rd graders. I find if the pieces are too big they get frustrated or tired of it and the small pieces are very manageable and the kids are happy!

  3. FYI - my burlap packs were 9"x12" and I cut in 1/2 to 6x9". So you can cut your 12x18" burlap in quarters for this project.