Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who's going to the convention!

I'm so excited! By this time next week I'll be in Seattle at the NAEA national convention. This is the first, and it looks like the only time for a long time, that it will be close enough for me to attend. One 3 and half hour train ride from Portland and Seattle and lots of ideas, and hopefully free goodies, await me! I'm going up Thursday night so I can go to the opening night event at the EMP (Experience music project) which I have been waiting to go to for 10 years but could not afford but now will be free for the night!
The only part I'm not looking forward to is that my best art teacher buddy, roommate for the event, and collage friend for 11 years can't make it up till Friday night so I'm on my own that first night which will be a little lonely.
Whatever, I'll just have fun on my own!
So is anyone else going to the conference? and dare I suggest it, would anyone like to have a blogger meet up!
Hope to see a few of you there:)


  1. I wish I could go. Unfortunately, Seattle is a bit too far for this Tennessee girl. I do hope that many bloggers can get together eventually at a conference.

  2. I am so thrilled and fortunate to be going to NAEA this year. Last year I met up with a bunch of art teachers I got to know through Twitter - it was so great - really great people I could hang out with and not feel so alone.

    This year there is going to be an Arted2.0 meet-up on Friday AM for coffee. (many of whom are bloggers) Would love to meet you in person!
    ArtEd2.0 Meetup

  3. I am here! It all worked out so perfectly - I am in Virginia but my mom and my sister and her family live in a suburb of Seattle. So I came early to hang out with family and will be attending the convention with my sister as my guest. And my school is paying for most of it! It has been a very long day - left my house at 5AM in VA and am still up at 9PM Seattle time! hopefully i can rest up before convention starts! See ya there!

  4. I will be there! Can't wait, busy prepping presentations, packing and writing sub plans!

  5. Jealous.

    Seriously, have a spectacular time. If my district sent me, I'd happily have a blogger meet-up with you, even though I'm retirement age!

  6. Well Phyl I don't think you are the type to automatically roll your eyes the moment someone opens their mouth...regardless of their age!

  7. Wish I could go, but it's just a bit far for me.

  8. I was so very fortunate to attend last year when it was in my hometown - Baltimore, MD. I have always wanted to go to Seattle, but it is most definitely not in my budget for this year.

    I hope you get to meet up with lots of blogging friends. I loved getting to see all my old college art buddies last year.

  9. Ha ha, can't wait to get there. I think I can sneak out of my sub job early so I beat traffic.

  10. I wish I could go, maybe next year :(
    Enjoy the convention and get a lot of ideas for the rest of us.

  11. I wish I had seen this! I was there and what a wonderful time it was! I am already planning for NYC! I would love to get a big group of bloggers together!

    :)What was your favorite thing?