Thursday, April 21, 2011

masi expectations

Respectful bodies/words - to each other, to me. Rude language, teasing, putting down others art, telling people to shut up. These are not acceptable behaviors in the art room. Pounding the table, hitting each other, kicking each other, treating art supplies in a rough way. These are not acceptable in the art room.

Respectful listening to each other when someone asks for material please share with them. if a student asks you to stop doing something that is keeping them from learning you need to listen to them and stop. to me. Stop talking, stop working, look

Classroom level voices so students can focus and hear each other and teacher. This starts when we enter the room. 0 voice is when you are receiving instruction. 1 is wisper. 2 voice is for work time. Just loud enough to talk to the people at your table. 3 voice is to be heard by the whole class when answering a question or giving a presentation. 4. is for emergency only.
3 ways that tell you it is time to be zero voices. Lights off. Tambourine shake or may I have your attention please.

You are responsible for telling one person what to do, disciplining one person, commenting on one person and only one person. Yourself. No one else.

actively working on art

These are the expectations for staying in the art room. If you are not willing to follow these expecatations than you may not be in the art room. You do not have the right to keep others from working and learning. 3 strikes you are out. first warning name goes on board. second warning gets a dot. third time not following classroom expectations and you will need to leave. This will also equall a note sent to Mrs. Barta/Mr. Snyder. Telling me "I did not do anything!" will not erase you warnings. telling me that another person should not be warned or removed will not cause me to remove a warning.

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