Sunday, May 15, 2011

dragons, dragons, dragons

After a few months I have found my camera battery charger so now I can update my blog again! So let's go back about 7 weeks and remember my 6th-8th graders were look at medieval art. First we made our cool foil illuminated letters and next came a classic medieval mythical creature...the dragon. We looked at some medieval art with dragons and other mythical creatures and talked about their religious and cultural symbolism in medieval art.

After some time with guided drawings and how to draw sheets we created dragons in icy caves (a project influenced by a lesson from the book Dynamic Art Lessons for Children.

The dragons were colored with either metallic tempera paint, markers or colored pencils. Then the dragons were cut out and glued onto black construction paper and added a cave made from watercolor markers brushed with clear water.

aside from the one girl who throws a fit unless she gets to do the project "HER way!"

some were fierce
and some were cute
The big kids ended up liking their dragons and the K-5's adore them and are constantly choosing their favorite. Oh and we looked at a few photos from the movie How to Train your Dragon for some ideas, I guess my middle school students love the movie! Next up king, queen and joker playing cards.

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