Friday, February 8, 2013

coloring books in the classroom and a preview of Eric Carle inspired collages

So, at the risk of  having the person who I'm talking about somehow see this post...I have to talk about a class I am taking.   Sometimes it is nice to go to a class in person instead of just online. However, there are so few art teachers around Portland that I have yet to find an art related post grad class for ART teachers. I end up going to classes for classroom teachers that are trying to get more art into the contained classroom.  I have done about six of these classes and sometimes they are great and sometimes no so much.

This class is nice so far but I'm not sure what to think about tomorrow's lesson. 
We are to bring in a coloring book image and learn how to transfer the images and then use watercolor techniques in them. I thinking knowing how to transfer an image is a really great skill, but I just don't know how I feel about using a coloring book for the image. I'm not opposed to using tracers at times or even giving the kids a particular shape to help them get started with a drawing...but transferring a coloring book image is making me feel a bit ehhhhh. I can't see myself doing it in my middle school classroom...or really picture how I would have used it when I taught k-5 per say....but maybe I am being judgmental and should not critique any method to get art into the contained classroom

On a personal note it is going to take all my willpower to go through with the lesson....I don't know how I am going to bring myself to spend several hours on a transferred coloring book image. I am thinking about bringing in a black line drawing I make myself or maybe a embroidery pattern....I don't know. I feel a lot of pressure to bring in a coloring book image and just do the lesson because I know the second I deviate from the the assigned lesson that my classmates will see that and I worry that will send the message that I don't like the teachers lesson (as an art educator) and be disrespectful to the instructor.  Ugg what to do.

On an lesson related note here are two preview images of our 6th-7th Eric Carle inspired animal collages...more photos coming this weekend.
I just love her little hedgie!

Just for Phyl because I know she will read this and probably take the time to comment:)


  1. It is, by the way, a fabulous dragon! My compliments to the artist!

    As far as the class, if I were you, I'd bring in a coloring book drawing and a line drawing of your own. Then I would say 'if its OK, it would be more meaningful to me to use my own drawing. I understand most of the students in this class are classroom teachers, and might be intimidated to have to create their own drawing for this (since the process is the important thing we 're learning) but since it's easy for me, it would ultimately prove more useful to me to use my own drawing in adapting what I learn in this class to my art program.' And then I would be even more diplomatic, and say just how much you appreciate that there are classroom teachers who are seeking to incorporate more art in their program, possibly outside their comfort zone, and how much it helps you to have students who come to the art class having had some prior experience with the tools and materials of art.

  2. There's always one in the group that wants to do there own thing...guess that's how you ended up teaching art instead of second grade. I say go for it. Bring a variety of references and choose the one that you'll enjoy working on the most.

    But I'm really here to say how much I like the hedge hog with it's scratchy back. Soooo cute.

  3. I think Phyl's answer is perfect, I am with her and with you on this.

  4. There's still time:) to submit a photo of your little guy:) Hmmm sounds like it's not the class for you! I hope you are getting the credits you need and then getting out. It's hard to constantly have to "take something" out of classes that aren't cutting it. Sure you can learn from everything, but that doesn't mean it's good instruction. I'm with you. Bring your own image, do what you can. It stinks to not be in an area with a lot of great art and classes. I am in a pretty depressed area too right now of Connecticut. I miss Providence for all it's art and opportunities. My vote is: Bring the drawing!