Sunday, October 18, 2009

Give a Hoot ! Thrid week of October

This week will be a bit different in the art room. Last week four classes got their choice day. This week 9 more classes will have choice time. Life skills with do projects, kinder will do projects and one second, one third, one fourth and one 5th will do projects. I feel like skipping projects for a week puts me off schedule and I get all antsy, but I have to give the choice time as soon as the kids earn it or earning it as a incentive looses its power.

Lessons this week will be:

Life skills 1: Mouse Shapes (shape collage)
Life skills 2: Paper sack pumpkins to go in our sunflower field

Kinder: Mouse Shapes (shape collage) or torn paper apple or pumpkin (tearing is an important fine motor skill for kids to learn)

2nd and 3rd: Where the Wild Things Are (read the book, create your own wild thing) Next lesson will be a collage wild thing and then the boat from the book

4th and 5th: Aboriginal dot painting and practicing our persistence drawing

That is not much in the way of lesson plan ideas so...recently I have been intrigued by owls so I offer as far as I can tell the most comprehensive collection of owl projects and inspiration on the Internet. Enjoy
A little owl how to draw

don't remember the blog...sorry

clay owl made from two pinch pots. I wish my students had the clay skills to do this, but they don't yet.

deep space sparkle

deep space sparkle

can't find the blog...sorry
painted paper (I believe)
That Artist Women

scratch board project
from Art Projects For Kids I like the white ink/marker thing and the literacy tie-in

Guess whoooo? owl, maybe write some owl facts on the wings and tummy
good ol paper bag puppet from Elmer's glue website once again using egg carton parts.

The Crafty Crow (see the little owl made out of a toilet paper tube?)

Little triangle stuffed, fold over owl
another version
this one has a tutorial

and more with another tutorial
even better tutorial

How I want to display a sample of each grade levels owl project in the hallway. I want the rest of the school to see that we are doing a owl unit. UNIT not willy nilly projects.

Not kids art work, but I really liked the collage and painted papers using what looks like newspaper or book pages

an embroidery pattern I am working on right now


  1. Very fun to look at all the different owl projects together on one page! Thanks for assembling...can't wait to do an owl lesson, but it's going to be so hard to decide "which" one:)

  2. The owl with the big moon is from the blog