Sunday, February 7, 2010

kinder up-date : Trains

we did not end up doing anything for Chinese new years, nor did we make painted paper. I was just too exhausted to clean up paint. Instead I decided we would do something with a train theme. I looked at the little engine that could and discovered the book was way too long.

So upon searching I found the book Clickity Clack. The kids loved this rhyming book and the fact they got to "read" the line clickity clack, clickity clack at the end of every other page.

We then took a hint from the 1st grade puzzle quilts and I got the outline of a train engin and broke it into basic shapes. I then cut it out to be a puzzle, traced all the "puzzle" pieces onto template paper. I then made photo copies of each shape on the approreit colored paper.

Then I passed out the train puzzle base paper and one shape at a time had the kids practice cutting out thier shapes, finding the correct place for it in the train and glue it down. So far they are turning out really well and the kids are excited about them.

This comming week we still have some work to do on the trian, smoke stack, wheels and rod between wheels. I planed this becuase I knew painting our plaster heart valentines neclaces and putting a few beads on them would not take the entire class. The kids were getting the train done pretty much at the same time. so we will do the train first and then the hearts.

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