Monday, February 8, 2010

plaster hearts

I have found myself the owner of a lot of left over dry plaster of Paris from a project another teacher did. As much as I love free supplies I was at a loss of what I could do with four cartons of plaster of Paris. However, when I was at Joanns this weekend I saw they had heart shaped silicon candy molds on sale. Each mold makes 20 hearts and I thought they would make the perfect size for a necklace pendent.

I bought one and brought it over to the school and made myself batch one of the hearts. I poured the plaster in to fill the mold and then set a paper clip in at an angle so just the loop stayed out. I let them set for an hour or two while I taught my older students and after lunch they were sooooo easy to pop out of the molds. Both my life skills classes painted theirs today with acrylic paint and they are turning out wonderfully. Now I have to make enough for 6 classes of kinder and 1st graders! good thing they are easy:)


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