Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the Jungle unit ideas

My ocean unit went over well. Easy to display everything and have a pretty big impact with all those works of art that were united. I made a set of templates that worked for 1st through 5th grade. Everyone was pretty happy with their finished product.

Seeing that I will be at my school part time or maybe not at all next year I'm just going to pull out all the stops now and deal with next year next year. I want to do a jungle unit, a space unit and a dinosaur unit.

I'm going to do the jungle unit next. Pretty straight forward. Plan goes

Kinder: not sure yet, something elephant

1st: Paper plate lion mask

2nd grade: painted paper elephants from Mary Making. We will use a template for the elephant body.

3rd grade: painted flamingos using an almond shape template. I had the 5th grade students look at the work of James Audubon and talk about observing and drawing and painting birds. They though his work was interesting. I will also introduce him to the 3rd grade students and hopefully find this book

4th grade: is going to spend half the class finishing their Georgia O'Keeffe style flowers.
Then we will try this several class lesson from Deep Space Sparkle on painting parrots. Everyone loves a good colorful parrot and it will be good drawing, painting and color mixing practice.

5th grade:
Has been doing a ton of painting and drawing lately. Really they should do a 3-D project but I am out of clay and pretty much out of money. I can stall for a week because both classes are working on their bird drawings for the Earth Day art show coming up. I'll have to be scouering the internet for ideas. The only things that comes to mind is a printmaking project, but once again we are out of print foam and print ink. I have a roll of tooling foil so we could make something with tooling foil. Still all our sharpies have dried out so we can really add color. Oh the end of the year sucks. Might be time to collect recyclables.

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  1. Hey there! It's Patty from Deep Space Sparkle. I love your blog and enjoy reading how you plan your art lessons! I'd rather though, that you didn't directly copy and paste my artwork directly onto your pages. I know you mention my blog but the photo attribution is unclear. Please continue to use my lessons. I'd love to see your student's works (like the Painted Ladies...fantastic!)
    Sorry to write this in the comment section, but I couldn't locate your personal info.
    Have a great summer!