Monday, April 19, 2010

is their prize money?!

Two posts ago I mentioned the art show that we have been making projects for was canceled. While I am scrambling to find a new place to hang the work (right now my best bet is the Church where one of my student's dad's is pastor) I haven't told the kids about the change in venue. This fun little convo went on during a middle school class today. Three 6th graders were talking to each other.
Student 1: This is taking forever, I better win with this thing.
Student 2: I wonder what the prize will be
Student 3: It better be money
Student 2: I wonder how much money it will be
Student 1: Well I am going to win the money or I'll be really mad
Student 3: No way. Mines is better

I finally realized they were talking about winning prize money from the art show. I had to break it to them them that art show and art contest are two very different things. I explained what a jurried art show was and that sometimes they had prizes...sometimes. Student 1 said he hoped the show was jurried. I told him it was a show open to everyone. There would be NO prize. He looked crushed. Student 2 was disgusted. Seriously she snorted, waved her hand and said there was no point in doing the project then. I told her prize or not, art show or not, she still was getting a CLASS grade on the project so it had to be done. "Well I at least want a participation certificate," she declared.

Ok now I need to go make participation certificates for my imaginary art show. What have I gotten myself into.

As a little side note, two of these students are recent additions to our school from much wealthier areas. I'm not sure how they ended up in our neck of the woods. Obviously their past experience with art shows or contests had money attached.

One of my 8th grade students who happens to live down the street from me, and has been in my class non-stop for the last two years, was at the table with them, listening to the whole exchange. After I explained there would be no money she rolled her eyes and added this comment:

"Where's the money coming from, you think we got money around here? Shit be grateful when she gives you a Jolly Rancher. 6th graders! (followed by dismissive noise) " "Amen sister" was my response in my head and that was the end of that conversation.

I will now be headed over to the $1 store to get achivement certificates to fill out for "participation" and a couple bags of Jolly Ranchers, my standard reward.


  1. You crack me up MRS. ART TEACHER! AMEN, sista britches!!!!!

  2. I added you to our blog roll list! Hope you got your art show prizes worked out! LOL!