Monday, October 24, 2011

google docs I love you

A big bear hug for google docs!
I'm a waddling 38 weeks pregnant right now. The act of getting up from my chair at school is epic. Walking and talking and breathing....well those things don't happen at the same time anymore. The kids and adults in the building stop me in alarm each day to inquire, "how much longer?" and if I'm ok. As I was stapling up art on Friday a teacher asked me..." should you be doing that in your condition?" " a wall?" I replied..."yeah I think it is safe for me to be stapling."

In the midst of this late pregnancy thing I have become addicted to google docs. I have a PC at home and a mac at school and I want to be able to work on lesson plans at both home and school and pull things up a will and not have issues with compatibility. Have you used google docs? You can make simple power-points and word documents and such. Everything is saved online and to your gmail account (and I know you have one if you are using blogger;) It is so easy to make my presentations at home and pull them up at school. I can keep my presentations privet or make them public to people I choose or anyone. If a student is absent I can email them the link to the google doc presentation and they can view it at home! If a parent couldn't make it to back to school night they could go online and see my presentation. Furthermore if a parent wants to see what we are doing in class they can look at each presentation.

Best, best, best of all when I am on maternity leave I can upload anything I want my sub to be able to have onto google docs from home and she can access everything with a click of a button and share it with the kids. We can both add and remove from presentations....its pretty much a dream for someone who is horrible with technology (as I am). I have promised my husband I will NOT get on google docs at the hospital after the baby is born.

Ok blame it on the hormones. My ode to google docs is done.


  1. That is so funny about the stapling! I use google docs too.

  2. I love google docs! My husband and I share documents all the time this way and I never have trouble converting anything. It's great for collaborating. Check out if you have time... to see a new format for presentations. It's got an interesting layout and can also be accessed from anywhere and also be made public... just like google docs :)