Friday, May 18, 2012

painting textured clay

photo is of a roller you can buy from AMCO (I couldn't think of anything better to use that wouldn't take an image of someone elses lesson)

I need your ideas yet again...we have just finished up making clay kimonos for our Japan unit. I had the kids really focus on adding texture to their clay with stamps and texture mats and shoe prints and they did a good job. Now is the problem. In the past when we have painted textured clay a lot of the visual interest of the texture gets lost under the flat color of the paint. We are out of glaze so that is not an option. What ideas do you have to help bring out the texture designs when we paint these. I've seen explanations on how to "antique" polymer clay by using black paint and another color on top but those examples often require sanding off the black paint on the raised layers and I don't see that working with the ceramic clay.
Ideas please?


  1. what about dry brush highlights, or watery paint? I have had a beautiful finish with old fashioned stinky (probably toxic) shoe polish. We used toothbrushes to apply then buffed with a rag, I love the effect. Hate the smell. I have also used floor shine product for the kitchen floor to get a shine. I don't do glaze.

  2. To show the textures, we paint with watercolor and then use a damp paper towel to rub the paint off the high areas. it has worked for us! - chris