Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hidden names painting

The sample for this lesson was left behind in my current classroom by a past teacher...I remember doing something similar in middle school so we can call it a classic and we know classics tend to produce constantly good results.  These are done by 6th grade students. I think 3, 4, 5th could also do it.
So pretty straightforward...would make a good back to school lesson. I work with middle school students so they had "choices" along the way. First they needed to choose if they were doing their first name only or first and last. If their name had less than 5 letters they were required to use their name twice. Next they were asked to choose one shape.  The shape will be repeated 5, 7 or 9 times.

I had the kids start by turning their paper at an angle and writing their name in block or bubble letters as large as they could. At least one letter needed to go off the page. All the letters were to overlap in some place. After the kids had a good rough draft ( and at least half had to start again making their letters even bigger) then they added in their shapes and last name if they were doing that. The last names were done small as seen in the example above. Everything was transferred to white card stock paper.

Shapes could overlap, touch or "float" or go off the page. Next students could choose 3-5 colors for their letters. Everyone had to have a black background. I have tried other background colors and they just don't look as good. Sorry. So then you know the deal...each time you hit a line you need to switch colors. Shapes that touch on a diagonal can be the same color but neighbor shapes can not. I have had as young as 2nd grade successfully grasp that concept.
Sometimes less is more, this three color combo is really striking. She is a repeat student and choose to do analogous colors. Once the letters are painted in then let everything dry really well and then go back and do the black background. There can be some small shapes and spaces with these so I suggest some brush practice first. Great for working brush control. Last I made the kids outline everything in black sharpie, choose a background paper that matched one of the colors we used and had them go staple them up in the hall.
I should have made this student make some of her letters bigger....oh well. The past art teacher had the kids do these on canvas board with acrylic (oh the days when we were not in a recession). We had a 100% success rate on this lesson with students who ranged from no art at all to having taken art all year long.
The make a great looking display for back to school night or spring conferences.
Ok I hate to have to bring this up...but please do not use my photos on your blog... it nice if you link back if you use a lesson idea...I'm not too picky about that, but don't take my photos ok?

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