Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pop art shoes and foods

Proof that fifth try is the charm :) This is my fifth time having students do a Lichtenstein inspired pop art painting featuring either shoes or food and these were by far the best results for the largest percentage of students yet.  This year I allowed students to choose either a food or a shoe for their focal image. I have taken to allowing students who have trouble drawing LARGE to draw as big as they can and then enlarge on the photocopier. Students have to use two patterns in the background stripes and or dots or a repeating shape taken from their focal image. I had students test out color schemes before painting and everybody had to outline in black. The kids were quite happy with their work and so was I. 

three cupcakes three different ways 

very cool this boys work!
not the most technically amazing but so charming

 another great one!
sour patch kids are kind of creepy up close
 and gummy bears are a bit menacing
great color scheme

 one of my favorites ever along with the lemon in the first photo
 hanging in the main office 

 only a few kids choose shoes this year...go figure 

 at the start of the year this student was getting failing art for lack of participation and now his work is looking great and he is really proud of himself and I'm proud of him also. I tell my students at the start of each year, each quarter, each lesson, basically each day, that it is not how good of an artist they are that gets their grade and earns my respect, but how much they are willing to improve their skills wherever they are at. 


  1. These are all pretty cool -- I especially like the ones with neutral backgrounds!!

  2. These are so fun and colouful- I love the blue macaron the best!!!

  3. My kids really seem to love pop art - they work it into nearly every project we do, so they will love this idea! I've been visiting your site for a while now (and am now officially 'following'), you have great ideas... and have just started my own blog at Dream Painters (1 week old). Would love you to visit :)Elizabeth

  4. Love pop art! My favorite was the ice cream sundae! I've recently just started a blog of my own... would love it you stopped by and visited! In the beginning, I've been dealing with how I'm preparing myself for the common core.

  5. These are adorable! The kids always seem to love pop art. Just might have to try some of them myself in my classroom.