Sunday, December 6, 2009

penguins, poinsettias and cardinals

Trying to cram as many holiday projects into the next two weeks as possible. I have a bunch of groups that have technically earned a free day but I am putting it off till next week to have a "winter" themed choice day. I pushed the kids hard last week and was a bit of a grouch doing it. I really hate the deadline of holidays, it makes me stress about getting projects done in time and then I get stressed when teaching and I have less patience with the kids misbehavior.
Last week we managed to do these projects:
Life skills: Clay holiday ornaments
1st grade: snowflake prints
2nd grade: close up snowman paintings
3rd: clay trees and tint and shade paints with winter themed cut outs
4th: clay bells
5th: Painted elephants and make clay snowflake bowls
6-8th: End of trimester-finished up Egyptian projects

This week we will look at penguins, poinsettias and cardinals
Life skills: sponge paintings of poinsettias with torn paper leaves and blue crayon rubbed background.
Life skills 2: Reindeer with hand print antlers
Kinder: I LOVE these and they look simple if I cut the strips of paper. We can add paper arms and yarn for scarf. No time for a hat though.

1st grade: outline snowflake print, add glitter and background (I cant imagine we will get through more than that in 20 min)
2nd: Outline snowmen, make blue background for poinsettias and maybe sponge paint them

3rd: put together tint and shade art, draw penguin LARGE, paint body black for next week (next week add "snow" with cotton balls, fabric scarves and other accessories) OR maybe we will draw penguins and do black and white printmaking, depending on the amount of foam I have. OR maybe potato print penguins from that artist woman
Hey I have three 3rd grade classes so I'll try a different project with each class and see what project I like best. Maybe that will keep me from getting board.
4th: First layer of paint on bells, set to dry for next week. Cut out tin for tin star.

5th: One group: paint clay snowflake bowl and draw body of cardinal for project below. Other group will draw cardinal and paint with watercolor. If time will start background. Will finish next day.

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