Sunday, January 10, 2010

2nd week january K-5

theme for month : think warm!
Kinder: while I would love to do scarves with them and the snowy day it took too long to cut out 75 scarves to do it again so we will do mittens instead,
we will read a mitten book (but not THE MITTEN because they will do that in class) we will cut out a mitten and decorate it with shapes that are the same on each mitten: symmetry (or at least we will try) If possible we will attach the mittens with yarn

1st will do kinder's lesson from last week on quilts although I will have them cut out all their shapes from paper so I do not have to do it for them and we will do slightly harder quilt designs including the spool and the pinwheel

2nd grade will be waiting their turn to use the weaving looms and will be doing a one week lesson on Old Bear:
we will read the book
about a bear's dreams while he hibernates
We will then draw out own bear. I will give the kids a rectangle shape to trace for the body, we will add the legs and the head using rectangles and circles. We will go big, draw and then paint on blue paper and then use the back of our paintbrush to make snowflakes. This is an adaptation of a lesson from deep space sparkle.

Next week kinder and first will do hibernation art using the same book but will cut out this bear shape and decorate it
on Tuesday the middle school warm up will be painting as sheet of brown paper with brown paints for the kinders to use for this project

The week after that the kinders will make "printed" papers to use for eric carl bug collages

3rd: will be making mixed media, recyled object weavings on a yarn loom. We will use paper strips, really thick yarn, newspaper, toilet paper, plastic sacks, pipe cleaners, trips of fabric and beads made from magazines to add intrest. This might take two weeks...not sure. We will start class by watching a short u-tube of weaving then each make five newspaper beads then weave.

4th. Will make a selection of altered paper to use for weaving. All altered papers will be put into a communal bucket for use. Start with SQUARE 8x8in, not rectanges. We will alter paper by doing these five things: (5 min per type of paper, students will rotate stations and take paper to hall to dry in-between)

Watercoloring wash with salt
String painting
golfball roll
blob and blow with straw
layer and scrape

next week they will weave with the papers and ther papers will be set aside for eric carl style animal collages : I belive we will do a bird theme

5th: will weave these paper baskets using double folded construction paper instead of newspaper (no one donated any)

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