Monday, January 18, 2010

Hair rosettes

I'm really enjoying making new hair rosette accessory for my etsy shop. As much as I love the idea of having a separate Sweet Saffron shop I believe I need to list my stuff in my primary shop. I read on etsy that soon they will allow you to control both shops from one account...maybe this merge will allow people to see my positive feedback better. Till then I'll just say all my flowers are Sweet Saffron for Apples love oranges.

My views on my kids headbands were slow coming but are starting to build. I wonder how my adult/teen stuff will do. For now I am just enjoying making them and playing with the color pallets. If nothing else I think they will be good to take to craft shows and last Thursday.

It is so exciting to play around with the colors available to me in monochromatic, analogous and complimentary color combination. Then it is fun to name them. I am trying to go with color pallets that are inspired by the Oregon landscape.

So far I have:
June berry: raspberry, strawberry and blackberry colored rosettes.

Moss and Ivy: inspired by a walk in the temperate rain forest's of the Pac NW, shades of green and a touch of brown.

Storm Warming : inspired by storm watching at the Oregon Coast. Stormy Sky's, steal gray waves, turquoise sea glass, the power and fascination of the open ocean. Blues, gray and a touch of teal.

Jewel Box: inspired by the colors of India. Saffron yellow, a peacock turquoise, elephant gray and tropical pink. If I had a Sari I would want it in these colors.

Antique Rose: A late spring day in the Portland Rose garden. Antique, dusty rose or mauve color with one accent moss green.

Terra Firma: The colors of the earth. Goldenrod yellow, rust orange, chocolate brown, river rock gray.

The Aurora: all red and crystals. Makes me think of princesses Aurora pricking her finger on the spinning wheel and a drop of blood falling on crystalline snow...I suppose I could call it true blood if I wanted to go with the vampire thing..

Still to come...
lets do something vampire like so I'll do the
True Blood in red, black and gray

River rock: white, black and gray

June Bride: White, white and white with pearls, crystals and a bit of tulle

Bruised Ego: purple and blacks

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