Sunday, January 31, 2010

lessons for 1st week Feburary

This week most of the classes will look at some Chinease New Year art. Although the new year is on Feb 14th this year (v-day) we are going to do our New Year art this week and v-day next week.

We will start the week with 3rd grade making dragon masks using these two printables

This one is an adobe file and I cant put in the blog

but here is another popular one
and an sample simple but fun

2nd grade will make a fancy dragon puppet using this printable and accordion fold paper
the link to the printable

middle school : will finish mosaics and do grid drawings

life skills 1: will make some painted birds like the 1st graders did last week

life skills 2: will make some textured papers for our puffy v-day heart and make our heart out of hand prints

Tuesday: 4th grade
one class will work on their story quilts, the other class did not start the story quilt and instead will learn how to draw a tiger as this will be the year of the Tiger. (make sure to have circle and almond shape templates)
now realizing we should have done these with leopards for our yearbook cover

middle: same as day before

3rd grade: dragon masks from above


middle: keep it on keep it on

1st grade easy dragon puppet with accordion fold using this printable (yes I'm going printable crazy this week because I can and really no one cares) I'll turn the head and tail on this dude into a coloring sheet

Thursday: (I'm taking the day off)
I'll have Penny do this project with both 5th grade classes while I am gone (1st period will get choice day NEXT week instead of doing v-day project)
needs to be done with either warm or cool color choices. Make a set of heart stencils for each table, cut paper to less than full size. Have paper for mounting ready.

in the afternoon she will do the 2nd grade dragon puppet with them

Firday: O'dell should start envelope carp
the template for this is here

kinder ....I'm not 100% sure yet

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