Sunday, November 29, 2009

egypt monday master: weigh the heart

short description for kids about the weighing of the heart ceremony
People in most ancient civilizations were afraid of their gods. This was not true in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians loved their gods. They had little fear and great wonder.

There was one exception, though - the god Ammut. Almost everyone in ancient Egypt was afraid of Ammut! Ammut was the Devourer. The ancient Egyptians believed if you did something bad, your heart would be heavy, and the god Ammut might suddenly appear and eat you up!

The god Ammut had a big part in the weighing of the heart ceremony. When you died, the ancient Egyptians believed you traveled to an afterlife, a heavenly place where you spent eternity. You had to earn your way. There were rules. To enter your afterlife, you had to have a light heart. Light hearts were earned from a lifetime of doing good deeds.

After you died, the ancient Egyptians believed your heart had to be weighed. It had to be lighter than a feather. To find out if your heart qualified for the trip to the afterlife, your spirit had to enter the Hall of Maat.

The god Anubis weighed your heart. The god Thoth recorded the findings. (In ancient Egypt, everything was recorded and written down.)

If your heart was light, you passed the test and entered your afterlife. BUT, if your heart was heavy because your deeds were dreadful, the god Ammut would suddenly appear ... and eat you up!

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