Thursday, November 26, 2009

2 week winter projects?

What do you do with a new batch of Middle school students for the two weeks before winter break. They are already going to be antsy because of break. Some will have NEVER been in art, others will have been with me non-stop for the last 5 trimesters! (Yes a year and half, every day non-stop). I don't really feel like jumping right into our Greece/Roam unit. I need to build up to the next country in art around the world. When in doubt always go back to the elements and principals of art. We will look at the principal of composition with a name project:
Choose one version of composition, radial symmetry, angular design or variation on boxes composition.
radial...although not the best execution ever

angular and better execution, although difference between blue and green could have been stronger.

Imagine this with a letter of your name in each space instead of fall items

Next we will remind ourselves of good line design by doing this quick review exercises

project from here i will let them choose either three geometric shapes or to trace around the GIANT foam snowflakes I have.

Last but not least we will make a winter/holiday themed "stained" glass watercolor painting.
Snow Man
Christmas tree
Christmas lights
Christmas blub

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