Tuesday, November 10, 2009

still life set up

three weeks ago I got very very sick. I had either the flu or a horrid cold. Anyway I called for sub for two days...something I NEVER do. I have been out sick a total of 1 1/2 days in the previous two years. Finding a k-8 art sub is next to impossible, let alone someone that can deal with the population of our school.

Anyway I got someone I trust to sub for me and set her up this still life so that each class could draw it during the time I was gone. I have hundreds of versions of the still life. However, three of my middle school students really took it to the next level.

Right now I only have a photo of one of the final works of art. I love this kid. He is a 6th grader who has some ADD and is a major blurt-er but is very good natured. He also happens to be best friends with the student who lives next door and so I've spent a lot of time interacting with them this summer...random side note. Honestly he is not one of my most naturally gifted kids, and really last year he did not show much interest in art.

However, this year I have discovered he will really really focus down on 2-D works, especially if he feels the media is novel. For this work of art I had the him go back and add color with watercolor pencils and paint and chalk pastel when I was back and feeling better. I was really impressed with his end result.
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