Saturday, November 14, 2009

trees and turkeys

there never is enough time in November, I always fell behind because of veterans day and conferences and thanksgiving break. So far we have only made it into our, "tree" part of tree's, turkeys and owls. Something is going to have to be skipped, and I think it will be our turkey friends...I'm not really one for cliche holiday art. An owl can adorn your wall year round, a Turkey...well it is going to look kind of strange after after thanksgiving. I'll do turkeys with kinder and life skills and everyone else will have to go turkey-less.

This upcoming week:
2nd and 3rd-paint our raindrop trees, cut cut out and mount on black paper.
3rd period-made clay cartouches on Friday...are looking awesome...either Egyptian portraiture project OR symbols of Egypt practice drawings then print, metal relief and plaster mold/paper mold making. Symbols: Eye of Egypt, Ankh, Hawk, scarab.
5th-clay cartouch
Life skills: owl skills 1 will make
shapes: circles, oval, almond, triangles. I'll cut have the bodies pre-cut and some circles for the eyes. The kids need to cut the wings and triangles. The feet will be large triangles.
life skills 2 will make
without the egg cartons, more with the shapes from above. Pre-cut for most of the students. Cut and glue. Can scribble brown on the tummy. I should get some brown feathers to glue on the wings for texture.

4th grade: Trace and cut black tree. Mount oil pastel landscape on black paper, add tree, make label, go put up in auditorium for the choir concert that night. Color triangle inside circle sheet if done early, or dot paint Australia project.
3rd period-continue Monday's work
5th-start same project as 3rd period
3rd grade -masi-paint raindrop tree, mount, put up in rose garden
3rd grade-hunter- chalk pastel, warm/cool landscape go put up in rose garden

6-8th carry on
1st grade- make collage scarecrow to put on field painting. Provide pre-printed heads, have templates on table for shirt/pants/skirt/hats

5th grade-
Daniels- color and paint elephants
O'dell- finishing painting area around elephant. look at clay elephant slides. make pinch pot bowl, make legs (as thick as thumb!) make head, wrap well to work on Friday

6-8th grade: keep it on keep it on
2nd grade- still struggling...I'll cave and do turkeys with them
god I love these if we could do them with circle templates, construction paper and templates and Popsicle sticks. I'm going to try to modify the Turkey with the blue head on the left. If after I make a mock up this seems too hard then I will go for this old school one.

at least it has an aspect of collage

O'dell- put elephant pots together
6-8th....who knows
If i can get some older kids to come help me....five of them, then we will do the old school classic turkey hand print

If I can't get student helpers then we will work on our cutting skills and make this other classic
these would be very good for practicing our cutting...something we have not done a lot of.

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