Tuesday, November 10, 2009

embroidery work

I have become a fan of embroidery work. I taught basic embroidery to my sewing club girls to help them stitch in nice straight lines with evenly spaced stitches. Since then I have made a few more artistic embroideries. The first one is based off a pattern I showed in my Owl post. The second one shows how I take a drawing and transfer it into embroidery. In the second one my drawing is inspired by a artist from Scotland that I found and etsy and couldn't seem to locate again. opps.

Now a work in progress:
paper drawing with the hoop

muslin in the hoop on top of the inked image

traced the image onto the muslin with a fine tip sharpie

top of hoop. image inked, reversed and ready to start stitching

more to come later

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