Saturday, November 21, 2009

Egypt art

Middle school is half way through their Egypt unit. We started by looking at hieroglyphics and writing our names in hieroglyphics. Next we make clay cartouches and carved our names into them with the hieroglyphics we have been practicing. I will put up photos and a set by step of these next week. Then we used the Egypt profile project from Deep Space Sparkle, photos next week. About 75% of the kids got done with that on Thursday so I gave them two practice drawing sheets I made of six Egyptian symbols. After practicing their drawings they choose a symbol to "carve" into aluminim. We practiced reprose (french for "to push") and counter reprose. 3rd period had a lot of luck with this, the 6th grade boys of 5th period freaked out because they rushed and theirs were not perfect. There were some tears and throwing of things. Still....I have done this project five time and usually have high sucess. Next we will do a simple line drawing in scratch foam and will print three copies of yet another symbol. Choose your fave for the finall project. After thanksgiving break we will make a modling clay and plaster cast of a thrid symbol. We will use toilet paper to make paper casting of this thrid symbol. The reprose, print and paper cast will be mounted on foam core to display the three works. I usually make coil pot conipic jars at this point, so that will be next and our last project is of course plaster casting our hands to make Mummy hands and using epsom salt and baking soda to mummfy apples. This should take us pretty close to winter break. For our last project I am going to have students make watercolor "stained" glass paintings (black glue as the lines) of something winter related, Snowman, trees, fancy snowflake, cardinal, whatever. For kids that bring me a $1 I will buy them a frame at the dollar tree to put their art in and give as a christmas gift.

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