Tuesday, October 26, 2010

complex color wheels

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6th and 7th grade completed their complex color wheels. Each color wheel showed understanding of primary, secondary, intermediate and complementary colors and tint.
The individual project is preceded by a group simple color wheel and in individual simple color wheel. For the complex color wheel I made a large circle for the kids and divided it into 12 sections. I have had them make their own circles and segments in the past but they usually have to try several times and it wastes a lot of paper.

So on 11"x17" I have the large segmented circle and then a extra "slice" of the pie as we call it. I have the kids divided the slice into three sections with shapes or lines. They go over their lines with sharpie and cut out the slice. They slide the template slice under each slice of the big circle and trace the pattern. No need for windows or light boxes.

Now spare the kids, and yourself, a lot of frustration and on the outside of the circle pre-label the correct color for each slice. Next have the kids mark (lightly)on each slice what should be the P (parent color) The T (tint) and the C (complementary) color.

Have the kids do all the parent colors first. I want the kids to practice their color mixing so they have to remake the colors in the following classes to make their tints and complementary colors.
When dry everything gets outlined in sharpie and the circle gets cut out and mounted on black paper. Tada! Not bad for 11 and 12 year olds!


  1. Gorgeous. Years ago when I taught 7th graders I used to do something similar. I'd do it with my 6th graders if I saw them more often. I always run out of school year time to do everything I want.