Friday, October 15, 2010

progress and next projects k-2

kinder: cut lines, drew lines and painted lines have been asked to do more cutting projects. Will be using Plant a Rainbow to work on the color wheel and cutting circles. week one we will read the book and cut red, orange, yellow, blue and purple circles and glue them on paper. The second week we will paint stems and leaves on our flowers. I need to make sure to pre-lable the artwork so I can get it back to the kids on week two with no problem. If we have time on week two we will choose a few colors and paint petals on our flowers.

1st. Ended up drawing sunflowers from a guided drawing and then coloring them with crayons. It was good drawing practice, some ended up with really nice drawings but I can see a lot of them need to practice coloring to cover all the white space. This was our first drawing project of the year and I totally forgot that one of my now 1st graders is ridiculously advanced for his age. I need to take some photos of his stuff. This week we will explore line in a 3-D form
I like how I also had a teaching revelation with this group today. I had all the kids sit on their lines on the floor, passed out clipboards, drawing paper and pencils and gave drawing directions with all the kids right there looking at me. When they were done drawing they could do to their table and start coloring. No more trying to give drawing directions while all the kids sit at tables with all that room to wiggle around.

2nd grade:
The paper towel and tissue paper trees turned out super cute and were done in one 20 min and another 30min class. We had a really high success rate. I'm going to carry the sunflower theme into 2nd grade next week. I found this cute version of a sunflower on the crafty crow flicker stream with no owner to credit.
I think the blue/purple/white paper is the best part of the project. We will paint our paper the first class of the week set it aside to dry and will draw 12 triangles. The next class we will cut out our triangles and make our sunflower with collage. I have one 2nd grade class that only comes once a week. I think I'll use my 6th grade class as child labor and have them make the background for that one class.

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