Sunday, October 31, 2010

Owl roundup time! part duex

I Love owls and during the short, chopped up month of November we focus on owls, scarecrows, cornucopias and a turkey hear and there. This is part re-post of last years owl ideas, part new ideas from this year. ***Disclaimer*** At this point last year a whopping 2 people read my blog and I was sloppy about sighting where I found my images. If I have a project from your site and it's not linked please just let me know and I will fix it right away!!!
Great owl drawing how to. Whoooo's is it:)

I know this was posted just a few weeks ago! Yet I can't find who it belongs too. You took two photos and made a little animation. Help!!! Love the patterns and the articulation on the wings.

Worked so well with model magic...the blog had the word pink in the name?

clay owl made from two pinch pots. My middle school students are ready to do this project this year!

some commercial kids art but I think would be really fun way to review shapes and use up scrapbook paper

this is adorable and a great way to explore texture rubbings and shape with the owls...once again I have looked and looked for its me find it!

deep space sparkle. 2nd and 3rd grade LOVED this project last year and we had fantastic results.

from, this is great with the books, Owl Babies (k-1st) and Owl Moon (2nd-4th)

That Artist Women, look at the amazing painted paper that makes up the feathers. The twice a week 5th grade class will do this one this year.

While we are at That Artist Women look at this amazing water color resist owl. I'm going to make this one for me!

Good for kinder or 1st. Guess whoooo? owl, maybe write some owl facts on the wings and tummy
1st or 2nd would have a lot of fun with this. paper bag puppet from Elmer's glue website using egg carton parts.

Love the little fabric fold over to turn this into something paper based...

this one has a tutorial

and more with another tutorial

Not kids art work, but I really liked the collage and painted papers using what looks like newspaper or book pages


  1. I think the how to . . . one looks like Kathy Barbro at Art Projects for Kids. Not sure but she has very similar how to's.

  2. I love the model magic owl. I found this link by googling "model magic owl"

  3. My niece and I made the model magic owl. However, we used Sculpey and it came out great.

    The next owl I hope to make is the pennant one.

    Thanks for gathering all these in the same place.