Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st day of school

Yheea the first day of school and no issues. I ended up teaching right away unlike last year. They cancelled our ride on tri-met (POOOP) and we pushed the kids though the backpack assembly. When I introduced myself at the school wide assembly the kids were really excited that I got married so that was super cute and nice. I then went back to my room and got ready for 3rd period. This was a really small class. Only 19 kids showed up and really one of them was not supposed to be there she was just confused. We went over the art facts basics sheet, the four school expectations, the triangle of respect, trust and privllages, we CHAMPed out comming into class and direction time. That was tedious but is now done. We also made our first warm up book and made our portfolio folders. We still need to decorate our names for our folders. When we did todays warm-up (make a drawing that inclues this circle) all I got was a ton of sun's. wahoo. not very creative. not super impressed. 5th period came up with a few more ideas. Third and fifth grade came up with even more ideas. This will be a slow process. I found a big chart with the letters of the alphabet and I'm going to read Ish and make the kids do alphabet ish drawings to try to get over this perfectionist issue. I guess that could be my warm up for basicly a month, but that is almost too long. I think I want them to do it faster then that.

So tommarow we are going to we are going to:
warm-up: brainstorm an example of what each expectation would look like in the art room. As a table fill out the chart to have at least three examples, share examples with class.
Champ-work time
Activity-work on name plate for portfolio
Pre-view-show according accostic naem pome book. If time start brainstorming theme and words for each letter of the name.

warm-up: wednesday watercolor. day late
champ: clean up
Instruction: requirement for accordion book
Activity-fold/make accordion book. Start lettering and decorating
Exit: ?

As for the remaining 2nd-5th graders I will do the same thing I did today.

1st grade.
come in sit on carpet
how to say my name
reviwe five steps to good listening
reviwe 4 expectations for lent, get an example of each from kids. Read the dot. if time go make a drawing with the circle warm up.

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