Sunday, September 13, 2009

monday, monday

time for week two and the first classes for the kinders. They are so cute and get so lost so easily! Oh my they are overwhelmed. I start Monday with back to back kindergarten classes. I'm not sure if we will get to drawing even. I will start class by having the kids come in and sit on the carpet. We will go over the five steps to good listening. We will talk about being kind, safe and responsible in art class. We will meet arty the art bear who will read us the book, "In a painting." We will then reviwe our shapes and colors. I will hold up a shape and ask everyone to tell me what is its. Then I will hold up a color and ask everyone what it is. We will do this in both spanish and english for duel language. Now for the hard part. I will hand the kids a colored slip of paper and ask them to go find the table with that color and sit at it. We will end class by singing if you are happy and you know it but instead sing..."if you are at red and you know it please line up, if you are at red and you know it please line up, if you are red and you know it and you really want to show it...if you are red and you know it please stand up." We will repeat for all six groups and get them into line. I fully expect this to take the full 35min. If we run low on time we will not go to the tables. We will just get our colors and line up while on the carpet.

then it is time for the two 6-8th grade classes.
  • 3rd period will start by doing a sorting/matching game where they put the rules with the expectations.
  • 5th period will CHAMP out work time expectations.
  • Then both classes will quickly make warm up books with the first page as three ish drawings for the day. Tree ish, house ish and apple ish.
  • We will ish draw on monday, tuesday and thrusday. wednesday will be watercoloring of a ish drawing and friday will be first firday draw.
  • then it is work on time on our books with a reminder of the four types of materials I want to see used. They will all be layed out ont he back counter.
  • pleantly of time for clean up
  • start structured! then loosen up
PS: i need to re-arange the seating in 5th period. randy up to orange, george up to green, move someone back from each table. leave chirs at back table and melini with evelin.

after lunch and first two classes of the next day are their first time in the art room this year so I will just do the spiel.

tuesday 3rd and 5th period are planed out already

tuesday 6th and 7th period will start their show me projects. 2nd the dot-show me, 3rd bird and bird house show me, fourth hot air ballon color whell diffrent materials show me, fith ish-miro "self" poriturate and painting.

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