Monday, September 21, 2009

cave art website scavenger hunt

Cave Art Website Scavenger Hunt
(work on your own or with one other person)

Go to this website:

1. What country is the Lascaux site in?

Use the website and the directions I provide to answer the questions below:
Click on the discover link (has the horse painting next to it)
Click on the 'Time and Space" link
Go to the second page

2. Sketch what the entrance of the cave looked like at the end of the Paleolithic period.

Go to the next page. Look at the time line.

About what year were the paintings in the Lascaux caves done?

On the sidebar on the left click on "1940 the Discovery" link

How many teenagers discovered the Lascaux cave? Name one.

Next Page

The boys went though a hole in the ground from where the roots of a pine tree had lived. When they entered the cave the the found an open space that is now called:

5. Great Hall _____ _____

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6. List three of the animals that are painted in the Hall of the Bulls.

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One of the four boys,
Marcel Radiate went down a deep shaft (hole) in the cave

7. How deep was the shaft he went into?

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The next morning the villagers went to see the caves and a group of archaeologists came to explore the caves.

Go to the sidebar on the left. Click on "1963 The Closing of the Cave"

For many years people were able to go into the caves to see the paintings.

8. In 1955 about how many people a day went though the caves?

However, scientist discovered that all the carbon dioxide from visitors breathing was ruining the paintings.

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9. The caves were closed to visitors on April ____ 1963.

Next Page, Next page

In 1980 the French government started to build a life size copy of the Lascaux caves. Today you can visit the replica caves that are near the real caves.

Go to the left sidebar. Click on "Virtual Visit" There are 7 galleries you can click on to visit. The links are in yellow. Click on the Great Hall of the Bulls link.

10. Find the "unicorn" sketch it.

11. Find the hidden bear. You can only see part of the bear because it is hidden in the ______________'s belly.

Go back to the "Virtual Visit" main page. Click on the Painted Gallery link.

12. How many antlers are on the stag?

13. Find the Chinese Horses. How many are there?

Choose one animal from this Gallery to sketch.

Take the remaining time to look though the other 5 galleries to gather ideas for your own art. Look at the animals that were painted, the colors that were used and the drawing style. Be prepared because starting tomorrow you will be a cave artist.

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