Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday Masterpiece

Ah the return of the Monday Masterpiece for the 6-8th graders. I did this at my last two middle schools and it is time to do it again. This time I am not providing the answer for the kids to circle after the first week. They have to come up with them on their own. I wish I could find the worksheet I made for this warm up. It seems to be long gone in the move from school to school.

Monday Masterpeice

What do you think this artwork is called?
What objects do you see in this artwork?
What colors do you see in this artwork?
What shapes do you see in this artwork?
Who do you think made this artwork (time/place/people)?
Do you like this artwork? WHY or why not?
On the back of this paper do a quick sketch of this artwork.

That is mostly it.

So Monday I will have the kids make their warm-up book. They need the Monday masterpiece sheet folded in half and two other sheets of paper.

Explain what the Monday Masterpiece is and say we are going to do it together today. The less we focus the less time we have to work on finishing our accordion books that I will be collecting at the end of class.

Starting tomorrow we will be working on our cave art unit full time. We will spend a day in the comp lab exploring the french cave paintings through a museum website, we will talk about the who, what, when, where and why's of cave art and we will be try our hand at making cave art style art.

I need to make a web guide for the Lascaux website and reserve the comp lab.

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