Monday, September 14, 2009

first round of kinders

wow things went really well with the kinders. It is amazing what a diffrence having students at the start of their day vs. the end of their day makes. The kinder lesson plan I listed yesterday lasted just the right amount of time with the modification of no singing, "if you have red and you know it," instead we went to our tables and got to free draw for about five min. The 4th grade last class of the day was the most wild, suprise suprise, huge class, some roudy kids to start with. I did give them a gold star because 97% of the kids were on top of their game. It was just the three that had issues last year also. Tomarrow morning I see the last two classes that have not come yet. A 1st grade and a 3rd grade.
come in sit on carpet
reviwe good listening
reviwe four expectations
go on the art room walk
learn about our art choice buckets and how to earn gold stars
free draw
clean up

3rd same but sit at tables.

3rd and 5th period will warm up with more ish drawings, a demo of blending oil pastles and then work time for their books. Their books ar not as amazing as I would hope but I am not interfearing becuase I want to see what level each student is at. I can see a huge jump in skill level between the students I only had once a week last year and the ones that I had every day. Really there needs to be a 6th grade and 7th grade first time in art class and a 7th and 8th grade I've been to art before class.

Afternoon will be 3rd and 5th grade.

3rd grade: bird and bird house project. Start with the bird so it can dry. Draw bird. choose paint color and paint bird. set to dry. if time start drawing house.

5th. read ish, talk about not getting so cuaght up on being perfect and realistic. Talk about a artist who was good a creating exciting art that was not nesecarly realist or perfect looking. His name was Joan Miro.... start stick figure Miro project. Draw in pencial first and go over lines thick in dark color oil pastle.

must go find miro examples

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