Friday, September 4, 2009

Australia Art ideas

great link to a all about Australia art worksheet
no here is a unit I have done many times before so I already have a bevy of projects.
1. "bark" paintings of Australian animal dot or x-ray style
2. dot painting with special symbols
3. x-ray prints or scratchcards of animals

New ideas:
1. dot painting ATC do three of the same symbol or 3 different. Be ready to trade two away!
2. boomerang with dot painting on it
3. clay tile and then draw a animal in the middle x-ray style and then dots around it with a pencil eraser
4. koru art
The koru is the Māori name given to the new unfurling fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace. It is an integral symbol in Māori carving and tattoos.

the art works
use french curves, colleagued painted paper on the background and cut out black krou shapes on the top
younger kids all started with same basic design and added radiating outlines. choose two colors aside from white. in this example the "black" lines are drawn with chalk and then the color is done in oil pastel. then the chalk is brushed off and black ink is washed over it to color the lines black. done by kids in New Zealand
I think we will draw our design, paint it or oil pastel it in and then paint over the lines with black paint on a medium size brush.

from art projects for kids. I like this snake for the 2nd-3rd great for the x-ray style and pattern. will make s shaped template and then have each kid make their head and tail. will be done on black paper with colored pencils and maybe crayons.

TONS of samples of 4th grade and 8th grade examples of aboriginal art with a combo of dot and x-ray style. Done on black paper and I believe tempera paint.
younger kids. I like the idea of using fish, turtle and snake
our word for this unit will be Pattern and for big kids implied texture
hum...cave art should be color, tints and shade, neutral colors, monochromatic
India for sure will be and geometric
whoo baby. superior example of 8th grade/early high school

this is a fun dot painting idea for the youngest ones. Dot painting on Emu eggs (large rocks)
These eggs (known as Rainbow Serpent eggs) were in evidence during most of the ritual ceremonies, of most groups throughout Australia. At times they were carefully stored in a secret place. They were accepted as being the eggs of the great Rainbow serpent, which had, in the Dreaming, assisted in the creation of all areas of Australia.
day one look at samples, choose a rock and paint it black with acrylic. day two paint thick lines or shapes let dry a few min then add white dots.

would't it be something to have the middle school students blow and paint their own egg. chicken egg of course. I'm sure this would never fly because of salmonella and such. I guess I could blow the eggs for them...but that would take forever.

lets not forget the hand prints that help the aborigines sign their work there is the kind of cheesy but ok for 2-3rd kids project

then a nice link to some photos of the real deal from the rocks and caves of Australia

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