Sunday, November 7, 2010

disco rooms!

After our blocks in a box we took our understanding of perspective and took it a step further. We made these fun disco rooms with our own disco Stew's (Simpsons reference). Students started by creating the disco room using one point perspective. Students used markers to color their rooms.

After taking care of our 7th grade requirement of studying perspective we went back to our 6th grade requirement of studying proportions via figure and portraiture. We spent several days talking about proportion and using drawing mannequins and our classmates to check proportions and practice drawing a simplified figure. For our final drawing I asked the kids to draw someone in a dancing position to go into their room. A lot of kids went disco to go with their disco rooms. We got quite a few Michal Jackson moves also:) This was a challenging project but they did a great job and were enthusiastic about the "dance/disco" aspect.

"I thought disco was popular in the 80's?!" said this student to me. Oh vey!!!

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